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My name is Don White.  Iíve been a pilot since 1979 and I currently hold a commercial, instrument and seaplane ratings. Iíve also wanted to build my own airplane and looked at several kits, including the Searey amphibian by Progressive Aerodyne, Inc.  In December 2005, I decided to look into a seaplane and like several models.  The main requirements that I was looking at are:

- Light Sport Aircraft qualified
- Solid factory reputation
- Parachute option
- Good visibility

I looked at all of the amphibians in KitPlane magazine web site, including the following:


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- Seastar - Great design, but I prefer a high wing only plane.
- Mermaid - Very nice plane, but delivery was over a year away.
- Coot-Builders - One of the best designs, but no kit available.
- Aventura - A little slower then most, but the water line from the cockpit is shorter then I prefer. 


Picture of me in 2000 with a Lake 200 in Lake Mead, when I earned my Seaplnae rating.

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